Acid Reflux? Now Eat What You Want - Any time!

Struggling with ACID REFLUX? Want to avoid ever having to deal with it at all? Recently released medical research is revealing a new 100% natural approach to stopping it. But first evaluate whether certain factors are putting you at higher risk for ACID REFLUX with the short questionnaire below. Determine if you might unkowingly be accelerating the issue... Knowing this information can literally change your life!

Question 1

Do you start your day with coffee or consume coffee or tea products during a typical day?

Question 2

Do you generally consume soft drink or diet soft drink products during the week?

Question 3

Do you typically consume bottled water during a week?

Question 4

Do you ever consume sports or energy drinks like Red Bull, Powerade, Gatorade or 5-Hour Energy?

Question 5

Do you eat at a fast pace or tend to eat later in the evening?

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Our Smart Match System with accumulated research from The US National Library of MedicineĀ® data base and other sources show you may be amongst a "RISK" grouping:

  • 1 BECAUSE: Fluid in-take consisting of Coffee, Bottled Water, Soft Drinks, Gatorade, Powerade and Energy Drinks are rated "HIGHLY ACIDIC" and not absorb-able. All are proven to hinder hydration on the cellular level creating a 75% likelihood of DEHYDRATION.
  • 2 BECAUSE: Failure to hydrate with absorb-able water can contribute to a wide array of medical complications including high blood pressure. Over time blood viscosity changes (thickens) as the body leaches water away from the blood to compensate for the lack of absorb-able hydration (ie, on-set of high blood pressure and heart issues);
  • 3 QUALIFIED: As an "at risk" respondent to this questionnaire, you are qualified to receive free shipping at no cost to you.

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